RNG – Speedrunning Documentary


RNG – Speedrunning Documentary

Documentary Film

Release: Fall 2020

Directed by Christoph Lahusen

Produced by Christoph Lahusen, Philipp Reeg, Kai Vermeegen

About: RNG tells the story of a gaming community which have the passion, courage and motivation to surpass themselves by beating games as fast as possible. They are called speedrunners.

Metako and Leonis07 preparing for their race of Final Fantasy X-2 at ESA19

Speedrunning – beating a game as fast as possible

Speedrunning is the art of playing a video game as fast as possible. In order to beat world records or personal bests the runner has to know the game by heart. He or she must have a back-up plan in case something goes wrong. Especially when a certain part of a game is unpredictable. RNG (short for random number generator) might push a runner to new limits or kill a run entirely. Speedrunners must have a passion for their games which is driven by a willingness to become part of the game itself.

Gaming and Speedrunning

Speedrunning as an activity in the gaming community is relatively new. With the ability of streaming speedrunning becomes more and more popular. Even some games themselves acknowledge the speedrunning community. From built-in timers to game modes games begin to incorporate methods and techniques of speedrunning. Publishers who usually are sensitive about bugs, glitches and general errors in their program codes are not patching out some of these errors when they are vital to speedrunners.

The timelessness of speedrunnning

Speedrunners on the other hand are keeping games alive and often times focus on unkown titles or series of past eras. The popularity of so called retro games rises in part because of speedrunners who create an aura of timelessness arount these games.

RNG tells the story of three speedrunners

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