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Christoph Nuhs

Anshita Koul – A heart, A mate, A Soul Sister

Meet Anshita Koul and things turn upside down.

Anshita is not only a storyteller but a soul-hearted creator of worlds, where going one path leads to thousand crossroads.

The Pose.
The Stand-Up.
The Laugh.
Anshita was born in Kashmir and since she got used to walk on her feet, the urge to make other people laugh and entertain moved into her soul and made itself comfortable.


Whatever you do, do it from your heart.

Although her goal is to make people laugh and have a good time, she does not shy away from being honest and truthful. Her jokes and storytelling are real in a way that she frames our world with authenticity. If you laugh it comes from your heart.

A Journey Without End

Be fierce. That might come in handy.

The success proves her not only right. But by being successful Anshita shows that in a complex world that love, laughter and compassion are values which can break through a barrier of hate.

We …
… are …
… one.

Anshita has nearly nine thousand Instagram followers, eight thousand likes on her Facebook Page and twenty-three thousand subscribers on her YouTube Channel “Anshita Crazy Koul”. Her total view count is 2.4 million.


Here She Goes Again

Truthfulness is everything.

Wherever Anshita works a part of her is somewhere else. Her art incorporates this. A show, a video or even a joke always has reference points in something external in life, be it an everyday experience or a joke about herself. Everything Anshita does, builds a bridge between cultures, friends and enemies.

Even though Anshita’s comedy is international and funny across cultures, one can always see an allusion to her Kashmir roots. Family, friendship, kindness, love and craziness are the key ingredients of her comic approach.

Anshita tears down tyrants.
See with your ears.

Anshita certainly focuses on making people smile. Smiling means channeling positivity to show that the world embraces and values every single individual. Feel free to shed a tear, laugh your ass off and you will be able to see the world as it is. Free from prejudice as only a light heart can do.

Laugh your a** off.

Anshita Koul currently lives in Cologne. If you turn down the volume and be quite you can locate her. Just follow the laughter. Feel free to follow her on Facebook, Instagram or subscribe to her YouTube Channel.
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